Mission and Goals

The Villa Kitty team works hard to save the lives of Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens. In addition to offering them safe and comfortable shelter, we provide quality:

  • Veterinary care and advice
  • Sterilisation program
  • Responsible cat adoption service
  • Education program to promote responsible cat ownership
  • Love and rehabilitation

Our Goals

The financial support we have received from our supporters around the world has been instrumental in our rapid success and growth. Your continued dedication and assistance will continue to advance our efforts. We have many goals for the future. Some are underway but still need support to keep going and others are still in the planning stage. read more

  • “Every Child Deserves a Kitten” is a sponsored program that unites cats and children
  • A Learning Centre here at Villa Kitty is to build upon our existing school education program by providing hands on experience in the peaceful surroundings of the Rainbow Room and West Wings at Villa Kitty.
  • Promote kitten fostering with families who are not permanent residents
  • Provide emergency service for injured cats and home visits for those unable to visit Villa Kitty Bali.

Mission and Goals – Villa Kitty Cat Foundation

Mission and Goals – Villa Kitty Bali Cat Foundation

Villa Kitty is a rescue and adoption centre for Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens.We have just celebrated our 3rd birthday with one hundred and twenty-one cats and kittens, seventeen of them tiny kittens under 6 weeks having arrived in the past seven days. Please consider adopting or fostering and if you are not able to adopt or foster please consider making a donation via our PayPal account or volunteering.

Villa Kitty Bali began as the “Cats and Kittens Section” in another shelter in Lodtunduh. I am Elizabeth Henzell (nee Suttie) and in 2009 I was asked to care for three tiny kittens. I didn’t have time but I had two young friends looking for work so I employed them to care for the kittens. Many more quickly followed. My close friend, Robert Elliot, has been the major sponsor since our first days. He generously paid our staff wages, in addition to the necessary equipment, food and medications for the cats and kittens. Villa Kitty has been in operation for more than three years now because of his continuing generous monthly support. Kadek Purnata and Wayan ‘Jopi’ Budiarta were our first vet assistants. These compassionate young men are still working at Villa Kitty as senior assistants who mentor our junior vet assistants. They take their position very seriously and are consulted on important issues such as hand-feeding neonates.

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